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Believing in the power of alternative medicine and living, the creative process has been lead through the awareness of self-hypnotic suggestion, sound therapy, aroma therapy, color therapy, psychokinesis, chakras, bio feedback, biochemistry, quantum mechanics, meditation, psychophysiology, psychoneuroimmunology.

Sound is considered a direct link between all things and the divine. It is a powerful creative and healing force used for thousands of years throughout history by world cultures to transform body, mind, and spirit.

Every cell in our bodies is a sound resonator. Every cell in our bodies lives in a rhythmic pattern. Every organ has its cycle and its pulse. Every system has its cycle and its pattern and its pulse. The various systems in our bodies respond to sound vibrations as do our mental, emotional, and spiritual states of consciousness.

Our bodies have lost connection to the power and the magic of the inner cycles and the great cycles of the universe that inform it. Imbalance and disease of the body occur when the systems within it, which are holographic reflections of the cycles, patterns, and pulses in the universe,are in a state of disharmony. The harmony in our bodies is a sacred balance between the world of the the soma, psyche, and soul that find imperative in the linking of the rhythms, flows, and pulses of the heart within us with the beating of the continuous cycles of the universe.

The music has been composed and performed since 1990,
including works for film, video, dance, theater, radio and art installations.

The newest CD entitled "Into Stillness" is available along with "another way home" and "whispering quietly" .

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