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The most important elements in making music are silence, clarity, and simplicity.

This is created through inspiration from many different sources: classical music, jazz, rock, ethnic and electronic music.

What is fascinating within classical music in particular- is the polyphonic style of the Baroque, where the art lies in allowing each single voice to live its own lush life; at the same time, every instrument is a part of a strictly-ordered wholeness.

This is exactly as it is with human beings; each of us is one single voice, a miracle of individuality. And when we rediscover our profound and true individuality, we also remember our link to a Wholeness - our belonging to the Cosmos, Life, the Earth and to each other.

A visual-arts background has helped to prepare for this moment; when the making of music switched to synthesizers there wasn't a need to learn much about keyboard techniques. Sounds or unique tones have always been more of a motivation, wanting to make a difference in the world and thinking seriously about what kind of contribution could be made eventually; coming to the conclusion that tones set to a particular flow or rhythm could affect one's consciousness when infused with specific intent and carried on a wave of sound.

The musical intent is simply to remind the listener of whom they really are - it is like an activation of our cellular memory, as everyone forgets whom they are when they come to this planet.

When making music, it is approached like a child would - very innocent and trusting, in search of the RIGHT SOUND. The many layers of music, when listened to with the heart instead of merely the ears, reveal personal truths to the listener. It is like amplifying one's inner voice so the listener can communicate with him or herself in a freer manner.

Profoundly wishing that this music will inspire you on your path toward your inner source.

Isaiah Toran

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