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Another Way Home {Digital Download} Discounts Apply !
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Another Way Home {Digital Download}

Dedicated to everyone now and in the future as you travel the path toward inner peace. Inspired by Life, Love and the many wonderful people in Life. The sweetest, brightest sounds move in waves across and through the mind, picking you up and carrying you, weightless, drifting into an exquisite other world. In that moving, touching inner world, tears of joy mingle with profound sensations of awe and wonder. The music is part gentle rain and part luminous rainbows. It reminds u that, although we are biological, we are also beings of light and Mind. The sounds lift you out of the ordinary, and leave you glowing, growing, and flowing, with an irreversible smile. Created to help you relax, sleep deeply and awaken refreshed. This clinically proven musical system includes soothing ambient tracks with no spoken words or subliminal messages. Use for the Holistic Arts of Massage, Meditation, Yoga, Reiki, Tai Chi, Pilates, and Healing of all kinds.

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