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Dream-Toran is dedicated to placing a high value on creating non-commercial, independent music and art that is designed for therapeutic relaxation • meditation. This website, the music, and the artwork are created primarily as a labor of love.

Therapeutic Paintings
Designed to aid in touch sensitivity as well as viewing.

Therapeutic Music
The word ambient is a vague term. As it pertains to here it stands for music whose focus is not  just on beat but on other sonic phenomenae such as tone, space, and texture. Although all music can be used as a relaxant, ambient is characterized by its soft, slow even non-existant beat, or by an airy nature. We hope our interpretation does not turn you away, but opens new avenues of discovery.

We believe that through ambient music in particular, one can expand one's mind, and grow into deeper understanding of all things that are important to you. Ambient music promotes meditation and imagination. These are wonderful gifts which can bring you profound pleasure. We hope you enjoy the music we offer.

Dream Toran has been creating musical recordings that assist people in their quest for inner calm and balance since 1994. We create music to enhance yoga practice and meditation; guided relaxation programs; and high–tech sounds clinically proven to aid in sleep.

Millions of people are now exploring yoga and meditation, and the New Age fad has evolved into a deep trend toward holistic and inner-directed approaches to living well. Our message is more relevant than ever. We’re committed to continuing to be on the cutting edge, bringing you the newest and most powerful recordings available.

Our new music collections reach into the hearts of many and the universal impulse to give voice and rhythm to the depths of our shared human experience. You can count on us to continue to keep our hearts and ears open wide, and to bring you the best of what can be heard.

Therapeutic Video
The ultimate psychonautic chillout experience that is designed to maximize the visual and audio senses at once.

Commissioned Work
All of the above is available for custom installations. Ask about our special rates for health and medical centers nationwide. Email contact

** Distribution **
If you are interested in distributing our music in your new age store/catalogue, don't hesitate to email us. We have special wholesale pricing for orders in bulk.  Please email for more details. Competitive wholesale pricing on bulk orders, fast, friendly, efficient service! We work with distributors worldwide. Email us today!

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